Thursday, 27 October 2011

29 ways to stay creative...

There always comes the time when you just struggle to keep in the creative state of mind. No matter who you are, we all have bad, unproductive days. To battle against this I came across a '29 ways to stay creative' video from the Fstoppers blog. Simply 29 ways that you can make sure you stay creative all the time. Take a look, it's only a couple of minutes long.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Steve Jobs biography...

So it didn't take long for the biography of the late Steve Jobs to arrive. It was inevitable for the release and I'm really looking forward to the read. I think it's going to be a little difficult to read as it's not taken straight from Jobs himself and many are saying that Isaacson (The author) was to close to his subject to give bot sides to the story. The book is said to have over 100 quotes from others in order help the biography, but I think i'll be reading with an open mind. Either way I'm looking forward to the read and can only imagine it will be on the list of most young entrepreneur's Christmas lists.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Canon 1D X

And so finally Canon have release a Love child of the 1D and 1Ds. A camera with an 18mp full frame sensor and the ability to shoot 14fps with an insane amount of focal points. Without question it appears to be the greatest dslr Canon have produced. As an adventure lifestyle and portrait photographer this is the exact camera I've been waiting for and can't wait to have a go with one. I'll also be hoping to own one within the next year too. Head over to the Canon pro site for the full spec... Canon 1D X

Monday, 17 October 2011

Bit of latest work...

Realised the other day that I've not actually uploaded any of my latest work on here for some time. With this in mind I thought I'd show you a quick peak of a last minute shoot from last weekend. Around 5 hours prior I received a call about shooting a Dj from London. He was playing a gig in York for the evening, but needed some promo shots completing. These are a few examples of what we achieved in such a short time frame!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Adorama TV with Chase Jarvis!

The latest inspirational talk with Chase Jarvis to me really is the best behind the scenes piece I've seen from Chase Jarvis in a while. Lately Chase seems to have taken a step back from the info he was so famous for dishing out and pursued focusing on very different topics. With this video Chase is heads back to his older self a little and really delivers some key points to help with the creative field. Through watching the video you may get a better understanding of what I mean, it's worth a watch...

Thursday, 6 October 2011

How inspirational was Steve Jobs?

This 15 minute video is something I urge all of you to view. Steve Jobs has been one of the most inspirational characters to me and as I imagine many others. He is a man that has changed the digital world forever and I can't help but think that things won't be the same without him. He was a man driven by passion rather than greed, something we should all acknowledge. Instead of following how many others live, and replicate what has been done (Good old Bill), he set his mind to creating something new, and as a result he created a company that makes technology cool, even for the people with no interest. Surrounded by so many Apple products and writing this on my mac, it's difficult to see what road the digital world will travel without the most original man in technology, Steve Jobs.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs...

Possibly one of the most inspiring individuals of the last century passed away yesterday. Steve Jobs ended his battle with cancer  at the age of 56. As an avid apple fan I've loved everything Jobs has been involved with over the last 15 years and can't help but think that things won't be the same with apple in the future. I must say loading up the apple site before heading to bed, the last thing I thought I would see is the news of him passing. Rest in peace...