Thursday, 26 May 2011

4ormat web design...

I'm currently in the process of re-producing my online presence and was looking at different ways I'm able to control my site without having to ask for help from the designer, but at the same time make it look awesome. Took me a while of trying out different companies, but came across the other day and needed to share them with you guys.

If your thinking about setting up a site, but don't have the cash to get a web agency to do it, go with them. It's so simple to produce a really awesome, clean simple sight. You may need to do a little research into CSS if you want to tweak particular areas, but still really simple. Best thing of all is that no flash is used,s o it's completely compatible with iPad's, iPhones and the world of Apple, which is always good!

I'd check them out if you need a site...

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