Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Place...

Not really been active online the last month, and this is the reason. Moved into a new place and it's taken ages to get back online. The emails have built up and stress levels kept on rising, felt liked I'd changed my career to a handy man, but it's all totally worth it. Taken us about a month to get the house looking good, so now it's all done thought i'd show you what all the fuss has been for, just for those of you interested...







There's a few other bedrooms and load of bathrooms, but didn't think you'd be interested in seeing them. Still got a few bits and pieces to sort out and really need to get some artwork on the walls, but it'll all be done in time. Now I'm back to work and got a new space to work daily blog posts will be a regular, so keep checking back for whatever I find time to blog about...

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