Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"The Freelance Photographer's Market Handbook"

And so I'm back... The last couple of weeks have been so busy and I've also been back at the gym now my injury has gone, finding time to keep on top of daily activities has been hard and the blog seems to have been neglected most.

More importantly I have something very important to share for all freelance photographers today. It's a book I seem to have completely forgotten about over the past couple of month's. "The freelance photographer's market handbook" contains an incredible amount of information in regards to contacts you may need to gain work. From listing most editorial businesses looking for photographers to agencies, "the freelance photographer's market handbook has all the information you could need.

I stumbled across mine again this morning and have two possible jobs lined up from just firing across a couple of emails. The best thing of all is that the supply all the information the companies are looking for, eliminating that question of whether they will wan you to work for them.

I most definitely recommend ordering a copy immediately!

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